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What Does an Excavation and Trucking Driver Do?

An excavation and trucking driver is operating a dump truck. The driver will transport excavation materials from one point to another. Traditionally, someone within this field will work for a construction job; however, they could be called to haul materials for other companies as well. Sometimes, trucking drivers perform other duties too, like clearing snow during the winter months.

Dump truck drivers will only transport materials. Sometimes the driver will need to use machinery to be able to load their dump truck. However, there will be times where they may need to load their truck by hand. The contractor which hires the driver will rely on him to handle the driving of the dump truck safely, and in accordance with their state laws for using such a vehicle. They are also supposed to know and adhere to all the safety practices when performing their jobs.

Some experts work for construction companies, while others are employed by their local municipal government. Plus, there a few which are self-employed and own their own dump trucks, and they provide their services to construction companies and other businesses that need them. Such people are referred to as freelancers.

In many cases, a driver does this on roads which are local. This is not a job which requires a person to spend a great deal of time driving on highways, plus, most dump trucks are unable to go at high speeds.

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